Welcome to Chordinero – Creative Capos for Creative People

Thank you for your interest in our capo, we hope you will enjoy the flexibility of it and find new ways of making wonderful music. Here’s a brief introduction to the possibilities of the Chordinero capo, presented by Magnus Zetterlund.

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What is the Chordinero?

It’s probably the most flexible capo on earth. It’s like having a third hand with six really long fingers. It’s open chords with standard tuning that gives you more possibilities using your standard fingerings and scales. It’s a creative tool for creative people and it opens new doors for musical composers at all levels. Patent pending, Application 1751466-2.

Why would anyone need such a thing?

You don’t NEED it like you need food, warmth and somebody to lean on, but it’s a great help in creating new Music…

Here are some reasons to use a partial capo, compiled by the partial capo pioneer Harvey Reid: http://www.partialcapo.com/why_a_partial_capo.htm

And here’s a great guide to the benefits of partial capos by Justin Roth at Jamplay.com: All About Partial Capos

Will it fit my guitar?

Most likely, yes, in one way or another. It works on most guitar, steel/nylon, acoustic/electric. In general, the more pressure it takes to press the string down, the harder it will be to get a clean sound, but gentle fingerstyle playing will sound good on most guitar, as well as tapping. (Vintage Martin guitars will be difficult due to the shape on the back of the neck, as well as Stratocaster-type heads or guitars with no heads. In most cases it would be possible with some modifications done, adapter plates etc, but these are not available from factory at this point.)

Check Instagram for examples of tunings etc. More clips will be added and by more players.

More information on the fitting

Is it available for purchase?

Yes. They are available in the web shop

They’re made in small batches but we’re trying to keep at least a few units in stock at all times. We can ship to anyone, anywhere. Just place an order in the webshop or contact us for more info.

If you want to wait for a Chordinero on the shelf in your local music store, in the meantime you can always:

  1. Follow Chordinero on Instagram and Facebook to keep yourself updated on the progress, any news will be posted there.
  2. Start exploring the possibilities of playing open chord with standard tuning by using other products, such as the Spidercapo, Shubb Partial capos, Fretlocks or the Caposonic. A good Place to start would be www.partialcapo.com



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