Fitting the capo on the guitar

Chordinero S-series

The S-series is optimized for a curved fretboard and a distance between the E-strings of 41 mm, but has some play so 38-43 mm works fine and you can move it up and down the fretboard, starting from the first fret.

Chordinero G-series

Depending on the shape of the head of your guitar the capo may be fitted slightly differently. A thin neck for example means you may have to move it around to find an area where the bracket is firmly attached to the head.

A wide neck means you may have to take one side bracket off and put it back from the side to get beneath the strings. See separate wide-neck video below.

If the width of the neck of your guitar is 42-53 mm you should be home free as long as the head is not a very special design. If you are unsure, please email pictures and measurements of the head of your guitar and we can check it before we ship.

Please note that you have to fit the bracket to the head before fitting the string rods. And always remove the rods first when removing the Chordinero from the guitar, to release the tension in the springs.

Watch these videos to see how to fit and remove the Chordinero.