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Thank you for your interest in our capos, we hope you will enjoy the flexibility of them and find new ways of making wonderful music!

This is me, Joakim, inventor of the Chordinero, mumbling about what the Chordinero is and how to use it 🙂
(If you still want one after watching this, check out the webshop)

Here’s a better explanation by Hanna Enlöf, which also includes a beautiful arrangement of In My Life by the Beatles:

If you want a second opinion, here’s what Samuraiguitarist thinks of it:

Also, here’s the first review Ol’ Sammy G did of the Chordinero in 2020, in the 4th instalment of his “Testing Gimmicky Guitar Gadgets”-series:

And here’s a brief introduction to the possibilities of the Chordinero capo, presented by Matt Sickels :

For information in German, see the following video from Bernd Kiltz Guitar Summit Vlog:

For further inspiration, here’s Jose Macario using it in his original song Natural, now available on Spotify: Natural by JosĂ© Macario

And here’s Sarah Longfield using it to create some really nice sounds:

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What is the Chordinero?

It’s probably the most flexible capo on earth. It’s like having a third hand with six really long fingers. It’s open chords with standard tuning that gives you more possibilities using your standard fingerings and scales. It’s a creative tool for creative people and it opens new doors for musical composers at all levels. US Patent No. 11069329.

Why would anyone need such a thing?

You don’t NEED it like you need food, warmth and somebody to lean on, but it’s a great help in creating new Music… With a Chordinero you will find that you can use all the knowledge you have of the fretboard because the guitar is in standard tuning, and at the same time you can capo each string individually to get any open tuning. It’s hard to explain in words, but once you sit down and try it for a while you will most likely be inspired and have a lot of fun, coming up with stuff you wouldn’t have found without it.  And of course it doesn’t stop there, if you alter the tuning of the guitar and then add the Chordinero to capo individual strings, you will open yet another door to even more possibilities.

Here are some reasons to use a partial capo, compiled by the partial capo pioneer Harvey Reid: http://www.partialcapo.com/why_a_partial_capo.htm

And here’s a great guide to the benefits of partial capos by Justin Roth at Jamplay.com: All About Partial Capos

Where can I get or try one?

They are available in the web shop and in a few selected stores in Sweden and  one in the US;

Stockholm: These Go To 11
Göteborg: MUG
Malmö: Malmö Musikaffär
Halmstad: Musikalen
Borlänge: Musikcenter
Gävle: Musikbörsen
Jönköping: Musikbörsen
Nässjö: Smålands Musikvaruhus

Boston Guitar, West Bridgewater, MA

They’re made in small batches but we’re trying to keep at least a few units in stock at all times. We can ship to anyone, anywhere. Just place an order in the webshop or contact us for more info.

Thanks for checking in, drop us a line or a comment and let us know what you think.

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