”When you’re able to create outside of the box in notes and sound – you can begin to discover yourself crafting in new worlds musically.
Chordinero takes you to new heights” – Matt Heafy

“Superinspirerande! Öppnar upp massor av möjligheter att använda fingersättningar och lösa strängar i tonarter det vanligtvis inte skulle gå, samtidigt som man behåller en fast referenspunkt i sin kunskap om gitarrhalsen. En perfekt kombination av bekant och överraskande på samma gång. ” –Salomon Jakobsson
(Super inspiring! Opens up loads of possibilities to use fingerings and open strings in keys that would normally not be possible, while keeping a reference in one’s knowledge of the fretboard. A perfect combination of familiar and surprising at the same time.)

“Roligt ju!” – Ane Brun
(This is fun!)

“I think it’s great. Really exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail and how smoothly it works with all of my acoustics is great.” – Charles Rangel a.k.a. Chuxx Morris

“You gotta get creative with this thing and let the possibilities take you somewhere new. This thing is crazy awesome!” – Matt Sickels

“The Chordinero is a fantastic tool to play open chords with standard tuning. ..I can adjust the open note for every string individually. The possibilities are many. One thing I find very cool is that I can use an open tuning and still access my knowledge of the fretboard in the higher register.” – Magnus Zetterlund

“Truly a fun tool for me as a guitarist” – Hanna, Good Harvest

“Bloody hell” – Ian Carr

“The Chordinero gives the most advantage as comparing it to other branded capos. The Chordinero changes the ball game of versatility for many styles of music . It makes open tunings so efficient to do!” – Chris Cava

“Bastante Interesante” – Jose Macario

“Oändliga möjligheter till kreativitet och nyskapande” – Clas Yngström
(Infinite opportunities for creativity and innovation)

“Jag har spelat gitarr i 45 år men aldrig varit med om en tingest som innebär en så avgörande skillnad” – Mikael Lägermo
(I’ve played the guitar for 45 years but never come across a thing that makes such a decisive difference”)

“Absolutely love the Chordinero! It really enables you to experiment and enjoy full tonal quality of open strings no matter what key you play or how your guitar is tuned” – Karel Jacobs

“En riktigt inspirerande cool uppfinning som ger en rejäl kick till improvisation och låtskrivande” – Niclas Höglind
(A truly inspiring and cool invention that gives a good spark to improvisation and song writing)