The story of the Chordinero began in 2016 when I was trying to play a song by the Tallest man on Earth, for which I had to re-tune the guitar. While I was doing that I thought to myself that It would be nice to be able to have a fixed chord on a standard tuned guitar, so I started making the first prototype that same day with stuff I found in my mums house where we were spending the Easter holiday. It didn’t work very well but good enough to make me try again.

After spending the nice bright Swedish summer nights 2016 in the comforting darkness of our basement I finally got it working well enough to show it to my friend and neighbor Magnus, the guy in the videos. He told me about the existing capos on the market but after looking around we realized that there was nothing quite like it out there. And after hearing Magnus playing with it I really felt it was something more people should try.

What really convinced me though, was when my friend and former colleague Jesper saw it and told me it was “genius”. During all the time I had known him he always found something wrong with all my great ideas so when for once he thought it wasn’t bad I knew I was on to something.

And now, nearly two years from the first prototype in my mums house, I feel ready to introduce them to the market. I hope you will like it and make new wonderful music.

Take care

Falun, 2018