Hanna Enlöf

In December 2017, Hanna was one of the very first guitarists to ever try out the Chordinero. A meeting initiated by our mutual friend Daniel Olsson from Dalapop was set up in my house between me and the Good Harvest duo Hanna Enlöf and Ylva Eriksson. At the time I was on a 6 month paternal leave with my daughter and with her on my arm I was in the kitchen making coffee while Hanna and Ylva set up the Chordinero in the living room. Hearing the two of them playing around with different tunings and humming melodies in the next room was totally magical! I’m a huge fan and very honored and proud to introduce Hanna as a Chordinero Artist.

So, Hanna, when and why did you start making music?
I started playing the guitar as an eight-year old and wrote my first song called “Em”, which also was the first chord I learned… I’ve been playing acoustic guitar ever since and started writing my own songs in my teens as I formed my first band. Then my duo Good Harvest came to be in my twenties and music also became my livelihood. I think music has always been a natural way to communicate for me, a way to express myself and a great outlet for creativity and mindfulness.

What kind of music do you listen to, what are your main influences?
I think that the music I listened to between 14 and 18 has had the biggest impact on my sound and musical signature, as is the case with many. That was a wide variety of styles such as Paul Simon, Nickel Creek, Norah Jones, Sting, Gillian Welch, Joni Mitchell, folk/world music and a number of acoustic guitarists such as Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Tallström. Many of these musicians still inspire me to this day and many others have of course come along!

How do you use the Chordinero in your work?
It has mainly become a tool that I use in my songwriting. Whenever I feel like trying out a new tuning, Chordinero makes that so much easier and also increases the longevity of my strings as they usually break while re-tuning.