Matt Heafy

Metal hero Matt Kiichi Heafy, frontman of Trivium and the new project Ibaraki, has found a new tool! After seeing José Macario play with it he had to try one of these monsters out and instantly found it extremely useful. It feels good to know that the Chordinero found its way into the metal world. May it become a useful weapon of mass creation for generations of metal guitarists!

So Matt, when and why did you start making music?

1999 is when I tried out for and joined Trivium. It is my first band and job.

What kind of music do you listen to, what are your main influences?

Obviously metal is the main influence – with its many sub genres, but classical and Japanese folk are another two very large influences on me.

How do you use the Chordinero in your work?

The ability to easily create and venture into new sounds and textures is an amazing thing – with chordinero I am able to stumble across sounds not normally accessible.