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The 8-string version of the S-model

The S814-DT utilizes a Dunlop Trigger Capo (88B -Flat Black) to clamp right on to your fretboard and after locking the capo with a screw to keep it from opening up you’re ready to go!

The standard length rods are 140 mm, if you feel a need for more reach there are longer ones 210 mm available as extra.

Please note that the Dunlop Trigger 88B is designed for classical guitars with flat radius fretboard and also not really made for the twisting that the Chordinero rods do to the capo, which is why the screw is needed to keep the capo from opening up and losing its pressure during use. Please make sure to always lock with the screw.

There’s also a reversed version for left hand players, or for fitting from below on a regular guitar. This opens a possibility on some guitars to leave the bass string uncapoed which might be good if you want the full range of notes available.

If you’re a Strandberg guitarist you need to be aware that the Dunlop capo is not a perfect fit for the Endurneck design, it works OK but not 100%.. The reversed version actually fits a little better on the Endurneck, so that might be a better option.

Treated animal leather is used for the stabilizing part on the back of the neck. If you would like a vegan option, please contact us and we’ll try to find a solution for you.

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US Patent No. 11069329