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12-string custom capo for FM Guitars by Felix Martin!

This revolutionary set of capos will capo all 12 strings of your FM12 individually, one capo for each fretboard.

For more info on the guitars and how to play them with an FM Chordinero, check out FM Guitars¬†and learn how to play what we call “Extended fingerstyle” or “FM Guitars fingerstyle”.

Each capo comes with 6 rods, 140mm long
(210 mm available as extra, see separate product)

(If you only want to capo one fretboard, you can get just one of the two units separately on request, email for more info.)

Treated animal leather is used for the stabilizing part on the back of the neck. If you would like a vegan option, please contact us and we’ll try to find a solution for you.

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US Patent No. 11069329