Chordinero S14-DT

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Probably the most flexible capo on earth.

The S14-DT utilizes a Dunlop Trigger Capo (83CB -Curved Black) to clamp right on to your fretboard and you’re ready to go!

Please check the Chordinero Model Guide and Fitting instructions before order. The idea is for this model to fit a lot of different guitars but it may be a little more tricky to fit it if you (i.e. your guitar) has a very wide or very narrow neck. You may have to jiggle it around a bit depending on what tuning/voicing you are doing. (For a narrow neck, an electric guitar like a Strandberg or Fender Stratocaster or similar, the new S14-DT Slim will be a better fit.)

Treated animal leather is used for the stabilizing part on the back of the neck. If you would like a vegan option, please contact us and we’ll try to find a solution for you.

25 SEK per unit will be donated to MSF/Doctors Without Borders/Läkare utan gränser

Satisfaction Guarantee: Try your Chordinero for a week and if, for any reason, you wish to return it we will make a full refund of the price paid at checkout. (Return freight not refunded.) Please contact us before returning for instructions (within 7 Days of receiving the goods.)

Please note that Import duties, tax and/or tariff required by your country are the responsibility of you, the buyer, and not included in the total price paid at checkout and also not refunded in case of a return.

US Patent No. 11069329